Business & Enterprise Class Email

Digital Data Pro provides advanced messaging solutions that help deploy and successfully manage online business and personal email communications.

Digital Data Pro customers connect daily to bring together their various email accounts to a single location, while having their email aggressively filtered for spam and scanned for viruses. 

In addition to centralization of email, Digital Data Pro customers enjoy centralization of their Address Books, Calendars, Journals, Notes, Task lists and file folders, plus true account syncronization.

Business class email, with rich spam, virus and security protection

Shared calendars, contacts, tasks and *file folders, plus instant messenger

WebMail, POP3, IMAP & WAP 2.0 mobile support

From 10GB+ storage per email account

Send and receive large file attachments

Digital Data Pro offers two great programs.  See below links for information on these great programs.

Contact us for more information. Don't forget to ask about our non-profit organization discounts!